Faith Is Not Knowing What The Future Holds, But Who Holds The Future

Faith Is Not Knowing What The Future Holds, But Who Holds The Future


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Hello Grace Chapel Family,

I wanted to take a moment to update you on our thoughts about reopening our church, although we still have more questions than answers. I personally miss our gatherings in the larger context of Sunday mornings and can’t wait until we can resume our services in person.

There are a variety of opinions and expectations floating around, both locally and globally, in terms of what reopening should look like. Leading in times of uncertainty, filled with opposing opinions on what reopening for churches should look like, can create disunity and disappointment. I believe in times like this, it’s essential to be informed as much as possible, rise above the sea of opinions and preferences, and seek God’s perspective on what His will is for the church in this season. I also believe guarding unity and keeping our mission and purpose at the forefront is essential.

We are still learning about the virus, it’s effects, and our response to living with it. We want to lean toward the side of caution and care for those who are most vulnerable amongst us.

As your leadership team, this is a lot to consider and pray through, seeking the wisdom of the Lord in our strategy of reopening.

Currently we are working to align our church community gatherings, whether small or large, in consideration of the Governor’s phased plan. We are also working with other local churches to seek clarity on what her phased plan means for us and how we can move forward with our ministry planning. We will continue to offer church online and begin building community gatherings from there.

We cannot wait to experience church with you in person again! We will be reviewing the communications from the Governor’s office as they are released and as new updates become available, we will communicate our plans towards reopening the church.

Your safety and wellbeing remain a top priority for Grace Chapel: we are praying for you, our community, and our world! Thank you for being our church family.


Mike Tatlock, Lead Pastor
The Elder Team
Grace Chapel Lead Team

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