Cultivating Community

Church In Community

We strongly believe that life change happens in the context of community. That's why we are setting aside this month to teach on, experience, experiment, and express Cultivating Community.

Sunday, January 16th

We will Experience Community - During our Sunday services, we will experience community as it is modeled for us by Mike, Matt, and Jen.

Sunday, January 23rd

We will Experiment with Community - During our Sunday services, we will experiment with those around us as Mike leads us through a guided time of community.

Sunday, January 30th

We will Express Community - On this day we will gather in homes across our community to pursue Jesus through fellowship with one another.

There are 2 ways for you to enter into Community that day
1. Organic - Grab 2-4 other people/families and invite them to your home to share this time together.
2. Published - We will have some people who have opened their homes to others. You will find those sign-ups on our website.

This will be a family-friendly experience - Kids 8 and up will be able to participate in the conversation and we’ll provide some resources for those 3-7 as we know they need something to keep them occupied while you share community together.

Community With Others

We are excited to step into this month!

Our prayer is that the majority of our church family finds a smaller community where discipleship, care, prayer, and fellowship happen regularly!

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