We're glad you're here.

We're glad you're here.

Walking through the doors of a new Church Community is a big step.

We are truly grateful that you chose to worship with us, and we hope that you felt welcome and at home during your visit. You are always welcome here, and we are grateful for the opportunity to journey with you.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves

You've worshipped with us, and now it's time to learn more about Grace Chapel's story and community.

Grace Chapel started with a vision to “Give Itself Away.”

Since the founding of our church in 1998, God has surprised, challenged, and blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined. He has allowed us to effectively serve both locally and globally, in ways that have put us on the front line of seeing Him usher in life change.

Looking back at God’s faithfulness gives us the assurance and courage to boldly step forward into a bright and exciting future. With a strong and vibrant past, we look forward to an amazing future. Below are the beliefs we cling to as we explore God’s best for our lives.

Sunday Services
9:00 am & 11:00 am

Our Priorities

Discipling the next generation to experience and express the essence of Jesus Christ.


Grace Kids

We desire to see kids and families live on mission together through a lifestyle of being involved in God’s Word, responding to His Spirit & loving others. Our goal is to work alongside parents and volunteers to create a fun and welcoming space where children can experience and express the true essence of Jesus Christ!


Ardent Students

The two primary ways that we pursue discipleship are through large group gatherings and discipleship cohorts. The large group gatherings are where middle & high schoolers have fun, find a sense of belonging, worship, teaching, and break into discussion groups. Discipleship cohorts are for students who desire to grow deeper in their faith in a small group context with their leaders and peers.

How Can We Help?

Life is full of ups and downs, we are here to support you every step of the way.


Care Ministry

Our Care Ministries pertain to several specific ministries at Grace Chapel. These include our prayer and ministry teams, pastoral care, a variety of support and recovery groups, and our professional and low-fee mental health counseling through Heart of the City.

It also permeates, to a degree, all expressions of ministry within our children’s, youth, and adult communities that involve mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual support, counseling, healing, and freedom.


Prayer Requests

Every Tuesday at our staff meeting, we commit time to pray for the requests submitted via this form. What are you contending for? How can we partner with you? If you feel comfortable, we would love to pray for you.


Heart Of The City

The Heart of the City, a mission of Grace Chapel, is a place for partnering nonprofits and other organizations to reside, share meeting space, and join hands in the effort to maximize each others' work toward maximum impact for the Wilsonville community as well as Clackamas County, the greater Portland area and even throughout the world.

The Heart of City allows a holistic approach to caring for people. We are eternal beings with three primary parts: our soul (or spirit), our mind, and our body. Each part needs to be nourished and cared for, and each part feeds the other; they are interdependent. We need to collectively listen to, care for, and exercise our soul, our mind, and our body.

Your Discipleship Journey

Life change happens in the context of community!


Join A Group

We believe that becoming more like Jesus requires proximity and vulnerability with others. Proverbs 27:17 says, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."

In community, we can process, ask questions, practice, encourage one another, and support one another both in times of inspiration and desperation. Discipleship groups are designed for just this purpose. Discipleship communities are small mixed-gender groups of 10-12, discipleship cohorts and same-gendered groups of 3-6.

We recognize that some of you may not be quite ready to step into a discipleship group and here you will find multiple other onramps to community as well.


Share Your Story

We would love to know more about the ways in which the Holy Spirit has been moving in your life! Your story is a source of inspiration and encouragement for others who are seeking to deepen their discipleship journey. Please take a few moments to share your story with us using the form below.

Percolated Goodness

We are a church that loves coffee and connecting over food.



At our Coffeehouse, we strive to be a warm and welcoming environment for all to come and enjoy. We take pride in the quality of our products, and we believe by keeping things natural and pure, we have become unique and unmatched in the experience we provide.